Wednesday, February 8, 2012

High-Low Shower

third trick:High-Low Shower
High-Low Shower is a trick where you juggle a small shower underneath a higher shower. These can be done with any number of balls, but this one is the easiest.


While juggling the regular 3-ball Shower, make one of your throws extra high. While it's in the air, make a small exchange underneath it. Continue alternating the high throw and the low throw.


second trick : claw
Level : easy

Clawing is the act of catching a ball with your hand on top, by slapping down at the ball. Claws are used in many different tricks or can be used as a stand alone trick.


It's best to start out by clawing just one ball out of a 3-ball cascade. One ball is not hard, but it gets harder to do it on every throw. It's not the catch that makes it tough, it's the throw. To juggle the claw on every catch, you have to make all your throws from the claw position too, which takes some practice to get consistent.


1-st trick : Yo-Yo

This is a trick for people who can perform fake columns. Just lead one of the balls of your 2-in-one-hand with the held ball. Try to make your hand move in the exact manner and timing of the thrown ball. Make it look like you are pulling the thrown ball up with an invisible string.
Level: easy