Monday, May 20, 2013

The "What's in the Jar" Project

In the English lessons of  the last few months, we have been organizing a event to raise money for a charity.

The first thing we had to to was to individually find a charity we wanted to support, then, in groups, we had to choose upon the best and make a PowerPoint presentation on it. The charity I chose was Refugee Action. Once we were put in groups we chose the YMCA Black Country group (proposed by Alicia) as our favorite. We did a short but informative PowerPoint and presented it in class.

We also had to think of activities to do in order to raise money. We agreed on doing a orienteering race. At the night before the presentation I thought of the idea of filling a jar of candy and having people pay for guessing the amount in order to win all of the candy. I added my idea to the PowerPoint at the last minute and with discussing it with my group. Luckily they were OK with it, especially since it was voted as the best activity.

In the actual execution of the idea, I had little part. I carried a table, and basically that was it. However there were many things we had to do before the day of the lottery. We had to do things such as: Designing, printing and putting up posters, buying the candy and counting it(well, I participated in the counting), writing a formal letter to the principal and setting up the area of the lottery.

As YMCA Country Group is English we would have had to put the money on someones bank account and send it to them Since that would have been way too annoying, we decided to give the money to a local Caritas.
The event went well and we had many guessers. We made more than 100 euros. I really liked this project, and I would be glad to do something similar again.

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