Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My movie making experience

This year me and a group of my friends made a scary movie for halloween.

The story begins when 6 friends go out drinking in a graveyard. Then one of the friends laughs at a tombstone and becomes possessed.

In the next scene the friends go to see her at her house. They are greeted by her mom. When the friends get to her room Blanca (the possessed girl) is sitting on her bed staring into nothing. The friends go to say hello but Blanca grabs a knife and tries to kill them. One of the girls hides herself  in a closet. She  sees a note in there by Blanca's mother. The note explains that the mom is a demon and Blanca is adopted so she could posses her with her real daughter's soul. Maria (the girl in the closet) escapes the house and invites a priest to exorcise Blanca.
In the next scene Maria is being cornered by the mom and Blanca who are trying to kill her. The priest (me) arrives and throughs Maria a cross to protect herself. Maria stabs the mom with the cross and plans to do the same to Blanca. But the priest takes the cross from her hands and stabs it into Blanca's heart.
Blanca wakes up from her possession. The soul goes from Blanca to the priest. The priest becomes possessed  and jumps out the window to kill the spirit.
In the last scene the girls are in the funeral of their friends. They walk to the grave and see the priest. They freak out, and the priest says that he is immortal (yes, I was in the role of a man).
Click on this link to see the movie.

The movie was really fun to make. The only problem that we had was that we had to meet on three days. On  the first day camera's battery died. On the second day we brought 3 cameras and rechargers and batteries, still ran out of energy and light.

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